About KAMENOLOMY ČR s.r.o.

The Company KAMENOLOMY ČR s.r.o. provides mining, processing and sales of high-quality crushed aggregates for cencrete mixing plants, asphalt pre-coating plants, road constructions and engineering structures, aggregate for railway beddings and water stream canalisation.

The Company is part of STRABAG SE, a construction syndicate. Within the framework of the syndicate, this company is an exclusive aggregate supplier in the Czech Republic, and it ranks among the most important aggregate producers in the Czech Republic in general.

The company sales about 65 per cent of its output to the customers outside the syndicate. It currently operates 30 quarries and five sand pits, mainly in the Northern and Middle Moravia and in the Southern Bohemia. The most important operating units  are the quarries at Bohučovice, Podhůra, Lhota Rapotina, Mokrá. 

We are certified management systems


The company KAMENOLOMY ČR s.r.o. is entitled to use the CE Conformity Mark for its products, holds a certificate of quality management systems the ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009 , a certifikate of safety management systems work the ČSN OHSAS 18001:2008, environment the ČSN EN ISO 14001:2005

KAMENOLOMY ČR s.r.o. puts great emphasis on modernizing technological equipment,continuous carrying out reclamation of exploited parts of quarries and thus assuring permanent improvement of environment in the quarry surroundings.

Our purposes

The target of our company is, through systematic enhancement of the produced aggregate quality with parallel observing the stability of its quality, to assure a constant production volume inrease and thus to satisfy the customer needs in all directions.

     INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (IMS) Policy – the Quality Management System, Environmental Management System and Occupational Safety and Health System at this company are based on the overall intentions that can be defined as a requirement for continuous improvement in all activities of our company and thus consolidation of the market position in the Czech Republic.
To achieve this goal, the IMS policy is formulated in the following way:
     In the field of quality – by systematic increasing in the quality of the produced aggregate while maintaining a high stability of the production quality to ensure continuous growth in production volume and thus satisfy the customer needs in all respects.
Environmental protection is a priority. In common with raw material mining, environmental protection is an integral part of the management process of our company. Our activities have an impact on formation of the landscape; hence the redevelopment and reclamation of the consequences of mining activities are integral parts of our work. For this we use both the created statutory financial reserves and our own financial resources.
      Improving the environmental profile of stone quarries.
To achieve reduction of noise and dust values for existing technologies by modernization or environmental investments – gradual replacement of outdated production technologies by new ones where the noisiness and dustiness parameters are at the highest possible level of quality that can be achieved by up-to-date technology and that is economically available in our conditions (BAT).
Prevention occupies the first place in the safety at work management. We will promote prevention in compliance with the principles of occupational safety in all activities so as to prevent possible accidents and emergency conditions – it is also associated with uncompromising requirement for the use of personal protective equipment.
Improving the working environment and occupational hygiene.
We will permanently improve occupational hygiene in workplaces which, due to hygienic limits, have been classified into the third category of work where there is an increased risk of occupational diseases.
By means of preventive measures, we will try to eliminate or at least reduce the level of risk of potential danger to workers. 

The task of all managerial staff is to be involved in raising the employee awareness of key issues of integrated management in the fields of quality, environment and health and safety at work – this also includes the requirement of strict adherence to the law. 





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